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Alan Mosca & Kian O'Connor

It may seem odd, but Alan Mosca is a virgin of sorts… he’s never had sex with a Hungarian before, so Luke decides to remedy that situation by pairing him up with newcomer, Kian O’Connor. Luckily, Alan is not so much a virgin that he doesn’t know how to handle Kian’s huge cock.  This scene starts out a little slower than our other scene this week with Danny and Joaquin, but certainly picks up pace when Alan is finally allowed to wrap his asscheeks around Kian’s dick eventually shooting his load high up on his chest as Kian continues to pound him.

Kian O'Connor
Alan Mosca
C********** - 04/13/2023 4:03:03 PM

Kian is perfect: a beautiful big DICK, a handsome face, a studly body, and great stamina. I just can’t get enough of Kian O’Connor. His partner here is almost as studly as Kian. Highly recommended sex video. Lot of cum shot over this one, no doubt!

D************* - 07/05/2021 12:29:51 AM

Kian O'Connor gives his best performance yet. I especially loved how Kian used his tongue while kissing. Tongue kissing is such a turn on for me, especially if it is Kian doing the kissing. I love Kian O'Connor. My only request is that you get him back.

d******* - 05/16/2020 10:27:34 PM

Kian and Alan were very good with lots of loving and sucking.

g********** - 03/17/2020 4:41:58 AM

Gorgeous scene, apart from the unnecessary and awkward perching on the furniture. Kian's instinct to start pounding the gorgeous Alan on the sofa was the right one. Why did the director interfere? The end of the scene on the bed was great.As a fantasy this was "The Handsome Count and the Lusty Peasant Boy". Both models were great.!

p******* - 07/11/2019 3:58:06 PM


s******** - 07/05/2019 2:38:58 PM

adore the way Kian has his signature for ending a scene...Kian leaves his cock comfortably spent and nestled within his partners buttocks and/or culo....tres friggin' Heiss!!!!

x****** - 06/27/2019 11:08:11 PM

Kian does amazing things to my lower body every time I see him, rock hard. Love to be next to that luscious cock. Alan is a very lucky guy!

n************* - 04/26/2019 12:55:13 PM

Alan has a gorgeous ass and Kian's thick cock is so hot! Loved this scene :)

b****** - 04/12/2019 9:06:12 AM

There is great chemistry between them which leads to great sex.

o********** - 03/31/2019 11:35:39 AM

perfect camera work - horny actors (especially rock hard cocks) - varied positions / actions.

m******** - 03/19/2019 12:07:47 AM

Alan always hard !

r*********** - 03/18/2019 11:51:47 AM

Kian really has thee most gorgeously coloured hair, hair style, and gorgeous legs especially when they are encased in skinny jeans.

t****** - 03/16/2019 2:28:34 PM

Fabulous couple, obviously language is no bar! btw Kian seems to have found an excellent hairdresser in Hungary. (Other Hungarian models have sported very strange haircuts in the past)

m******* - 03/14/2019 7:17:24 PM

apart from the beauty of Kian and Alan what drives me crazy is Kian's cock, big, fleshy with a magnificent chapel, the light pink of the cock and the chapel is wonderful (there are big but crooked cocks, or with the color of the skin a little dark, or with the small chapel - anyway all welcome) an invitation to lick it and suck it, remarkable !!!!!

A********** - 03/14/2019 1:47:49 AM

Five BILLION stars to Alan !!! Absolutely perfect guy & performance - Alan really seems to love his job and I love him !!!!

g********* - 03/14/2019 12:16:39 AM

OK, but they're not in the glamour-sex category of BA. 3 stars

w****** - 03/13/2019 10:26:23 PM

Kian, you are a beautiful, sexy young man, but please, please don't trim your lovely bush! Love you both and a great scene. At least you both understand some important English words.

b***** - 03/13/2019 10:04:28 PM

Kian is a handsome and sturdy guy, I like that! Pretty cute bum too, and we are so lucky that we got to admire that for a few instances. The sex was good enough, nice scene!

V************ - 03/13/2019 7:45:17 PM

Kian is so absolutely beautiful/handsome! Want to see more and more of him. Wonderful scene! Great kissing! Love the way Kian looks at this partner. Such a sexy look!

g******* - 03/13/2019 1:53:01 AM

How could you not give it 5 stars? A most amazing scene showing real love of gay sex between two beauties. Kian knows enough English to respond enthusiastically to "fuck me harder". He pulled his giant cock out of Alan's beautiful ass most reluctantly, I suspect. It would be been great to see the cream ooze out of Alan's beautiful butt. Fantastic sex this week and next week looks great too.

M****** - 03/12/2019 3:20:22 PM

Kian has improved so very much in the way he relates to his partner. Alan pleased, too, with his charming manner and power-bottom enthusiasm. I wish the positions on the bed had been angled so the light could get in there better. I like when your tops mix up the pace and stroke depth; today seemed in the pattern of "the faster the better" -- some slow, deep strokes are tantalizing, too. Likewise penetrating full length and just staying inside for a bit. I would love to take Kian's enormous cock in any way he'd like to deliver it! I think my favorite was watching Alan ride Kian, slowly and sensuously taking every inch.

d*** - 03/12/2019 2:09:33 PM

Kian is so fucking sexy, he is just adorable in a hunky way. Kian's dick is so fat, I would cum in a second if he shoved that up my butt, Alan is more exotic to me, I would love him to teach me a few things. Great scene. I enjoyed seeing Joel, he gave this more of a reality look (BTS) look. .. 💕d.r.

s****** - 03/12/2019 10:50:53 AM

It must feel incredible to be tongue-kissed by Kian. He obviously loves it.

a***** - 03/12/2019 10:41:51 AM

Kian's freckles do the darndest thing for my hardon :)

o****** - 03/12/2019 9:35:40 AM

A great sex scene! One of the most gorgeous and sexiest pairing!!! Kian as ever! His creamy cum shot is fantastic! Alan is the perfect bottom here! His body is stunning! Lovely ass, sumptuous thighs, handsome legs and a fabulous curved up dick! He looks better and better, smiling and very hard while deeply fucked! His latino charm is absolutely incredible! WOW!!!

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