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Adam with Jim & Daan

We hope that this scene’s longer than normal run time makes up for the shorter scenes last week. The lengthier time was necessitated by the fact that this was filmed over two days rather than the usual one. Kevin continues this week’s storyline of the non-sexual adventures of Helmut and Jerome. This scene shows that the two aren’t always interrupting people’s fun, but often act as sexual facilitators. In this case, they recruit Jim to join in on the action Adam started downstairs with Daan. Thanks to their involvement, what started out as a quick “selfie” between Adam and Daan turns into Daan getting fucked by two big dicks in the same afternoon. Daan is one boy who’ll always welcome Jerome and Helmut’s “interference”.

Adam Archuleta
Daan Jeffries
Jim Durden
J********** - 04/22/2024 4:16:51 AM

Well, I guess it had to happen: a scene where nothing really works. Not made in any way better by theintroductory interruptive inclusion of two of 'Belami's most tiresome personalities: Kevin, with his ugly neck tattoo, and Jerome, who despite his last name, is no "little Prince. And all these scenes where Adam has to manipulate a camera robs him of the very thing that makes his other videos so enticing: his wonderful ability to really get into his partner. Here it's all about pleasing the camera. UGH. And Jim and Daan? that's an awful lot of huffing and puffing for two such meager cum shots. Nope. This was pretty much a waste of everyone's time and energy, and generates zero eroticism unless somehow you've never seen one of Adam's spectacular cum shots before.

a***** - 07/31/2020 6:01:04 AM

I've just taken an interest in Daan after paying attention to him in Jen's scene, he's cute and sweet ! And this scene is amazing, I like that Adam grab his pants while going up the stairs and he's just happy to show off his hole. When he sees Adam's meat, very sexy he licks his lips and smiles. I'm surprised I actually like the home video style with close up on Daan's face, both with sucking and also when Adam fills him and he looks straight into the camera. Then in the doggie, the view on Daan's hole is amazing I love it! So is the view when you see Daan's face, him bending with Adam at his back and you see his dick down below, wish you could hold it just a bit longer. Then his look and how he grabs his dick while talking with Jim and Kevin. And Jim just went for it, hot! Then the sequence I love the most, Jim gets Daan off, jerking Daan's meat while fucking him hard, Daan just lie there on the bed, hands beside his head taking it with his abs and chest wet from his own cum, then Daan jerks himself off, and afterward Adam gets the remaining of Daan, having his show off his hole with his legs in the air, then fucks him to the end. Last wish, Daan cums the second time his hole still being plugged. But this is already very hot!

d******* - 05/12/2020 5:30:27 AM

Jim so very handsome with lovely body, sweet smile and horny too.

D************* - 11/07/2019 11:18:36 AM

Jim Durden steals the show and my heart! Such a handsome face. And so much energy and enthusiasm. A real natural. I have been watching George Duroy BelAmi films and books since his beginning, and I have never seen a more lovable performer as Jim Durden! Please George Duroy, more downloadable high resolution photos of Jim Durden.

b****** - 04/11/2019 8:48:33 PM

"I like all your videos. Why are there so many whiny bitches on here complaining about little petty details?" So true. Plot is not why I watch the sex is so it does not bother me what ever it is. Another good scne for me.

V************ - 02/25/2019 3:52:11 PM

Not a fan of home videos. Such a waste of Adam's talents. If you are going to do a scene with Adam do a real scene with Adam. If you want to make it a 3 some fine. But overall the story line sucks. The antics are silly. 3 stars.

S********* - 02/19/2019 1:35:47 PM

Daan es muy mono, very cute,

g******* - 02/15/2019 12:16:50 AM

Daan is a good lover - keen and fit. Jim is a stunner and gets better and better. Adam should either film or fuck but not both at the same time. He gave Daan a good covering though.

w******* - 02/14/2019 3:59:11 PM

I really liked the pairing of Jim and Daan - I only wish there had been more kissing/foreplay . Ditto the comments on J & H but I can fast forward thru those scenes so not a big turn off.

w****** - 02/13/2019 8:56:46 PM

I am afraid that the only thing that made this nonsense worthwhile was the presence of Jim.

p****** - 02/13/2019 2:17:24 PM

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Adam is the king of sex. Gorgeous scene. Daan as a bitch, he is glorious, to be pounded be two big cocks. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. And Jim is so tender to Daan, while he is be sucked. Hot idea. I love this scene. Veryhot

n******* - 02/13/2019 12:50:23 PM

Very disappointing scene. I agree with the comments about the three clowns and the POV shooting. Even Adam’s cumshot -usually a thrilling event that has become his signature= was lackluster to say the least. Four thumbs down for this one, sorry!

D********** - 02/13/2019 9:17:17 AM

I like all your videos. Why are there so many whiny bitches on here complaining about little petty details?

R********* - 02/13/2019 8:34:03 AM

please STOP the irritating intervententions by each begin the last time.They are absolutly boring ,disturbing and irritating;I think that many of us skip it.Don' t lost your time with that

b***** - 02/12/2019 11:38:01 PM

Not a bad scene, but maybe the attention to the plot stood in the way of producing intensive and passionate sex. Lots of potential here but only partly fulfilled. Still a pleasant scene to watch though.

p********* - 02/12/2019 9:21:27 PM

Awesome yes and HOT Adam is ever my best BA porn star and ever hot to see him in sex scene with new boys , just a dream to see Adam in Bottom scene its so long time He is so sweet hot in Bottom roles wy not a gang bang with Adam in the middle as Bottom for sure that new boys dream to fuck him

p******* - 02/12/2019 5:02:21 PM

I agree with all the negative comments. This would have been a much better scene with just Daan and Jim without the aptly put `three irritating clowns' .

P****** - 02/12/2019 1:53:39 PM

NoSound85 has it right. "Pointless fooling about by the usual three irritating clowns." Even the wonderful Jim doesn't look at his best here. (That hair today!) But perhaps in future BA could issue two versions, one with Jerome and one not.

N******** - 02/12/2019 10:53:01 AM

The pointless fooling about by the usual three irritating clowns at the start added nothing. Thankfully the sex was good and Daan is a rather nice bottom - but the home video and POV shooting did not do his performance justice . I was particularly disappointed that there were ample opportunities to see this delightfully slutty boy gape which were completely missed - and a hole like that really needs to be fingered.

o****** - 02/12/2019 10:38:23 AM

Not a big fan of Daan, though a true bitch here, and home and self video! Happily sexy Mr.Jim enters the party!

t********* - 02/12/2019 10:33:10 AM

Awesome scene with Adam (whom I love to see doing scenes) plus two very attractive newbies, Daan (beautiful blue eyes) & Jim (magnificent chest & nipples)! Five stars! Wonderful!

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