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Adam Archuleta & Nils Tatum

Two of our favourite models meet up under the beautiful Greek sky and then let us join them in the bedroom. Watch as Adam Archuleta, an experienced lover and romantic soul, guides Nils Tatum through the pleasures of anal sex. This fabulous hardcore video was only the second that Nils Tatum ever shot and we can say with complete confidence that he truly excels. Enjoy Nils and Adam at their best until the very last drop of cum.

Adam Archuleta
Nils Tatum
C*********** - 09/28/2023 10:26:59 PM

Hot scene, some ATM, more of it, please 😈

x****** - 11/06/2022 1:50:57 AM

Nils gives me absolute THRILLS! And he was certainly thrilled by Adam's gorgeous cock!

j******* - 08/14/2022 3:00:17 PM

Lucky Adam. I woild swallow Nils cum anytime. Lovely scene to watch while jerking .... amazing !.

t***** - 08/10/2022 10:04:43 AM

Nils is a man god.

d***** - 08/06/2022 6:23:32 PM

Beautifully filmed scene with two of BA's most appealing models. Would love to know who directed this scene since it makes the one on BA which I just watched suffer by comparison (Bastian Dufy and Kieran Benning shot by Luke). Love, love, love both Adam and Nils.

d******* - 08/05/2022 4:23:18 PM

Adam wins again with a fabulous scene with Nils and his lovely body with lovely ass to be sucked. Oh Adam you area doll. 🥰🥰🥰

p********* - 08/04/2022 7:36:00 PM

Adam is one of my favorites he still has so much charm he is cute when he has sex with other handsome boys I love seeing him when he gets fucked it's for me with Kevin your best joker at Belami and Freshmen I still hope see him in action for a long time in sex scenes he has a perfect body and always this magnificent smile that makes him want to see him I dream of seeing him in the middle of a gang bang surrounded by handsome young people with nice big cocks that fuck him the ass like gods Thank you Georges for all the dreams you bring to life

L******** - 08/04/2022 7:26:04 PM

Adam is great as usual, but there are 3 important flaws in this scene: 1/ A blowjob to Adam divine cock is missing during the foreplay. His dick has to be whorsipped as he deserves. 2/ The white background in the cum shot did not allow to appreciate Adam's load. 3/ More angles showing Adam's cum. There are only one. Such a shame.

V************ - 08/04/2022 7:16:11 PM

Regardless of when this was filmed, or the fact that these guys are long past being "Freshmen", this was an excellent scene in so many ways. Two beautiful models giving a great performance in a great setting with great filming with good lighting and clarity of focus. Though there are a few things I might have done differently the one thing I will mention is that filming Adam's cum-shot with an all white fabric background greatly diminished the effectiveness of it since it was largely lost in the background (i.e. white cum not very visible with a white background). This was a shame because there are so few really great shooters on Belami anymore (Chris Evans having been the king of shooters at one point) and the orgasm is the climax (no pun intended) of the whole scene. With that in mind directors need to take into account this very important detail and how background color either enhances or diminishes this very important moment in any scene. Unfortunately, I have seen this happen all to frequently in Belami scenes.

r*********** - 08/03/2022 1:23:53 AM

I always love to see Adam Archuleta. Especially from his boyishly beautiful younger days. With BA you never know when old is new again, so it's always hard to tell when a scene was released or how long its been sitting in their wonderfully bountiful archives. Yet compared to any other studio out there, they are still world class!

g******* - 08/02/2022 10:46:56 PM

I just wish BA could actually tell us when each scene was filmed.

r********* - 08/02/2022 7:06:34 PM

Two of BA's all time all stars, so good scene.. But I don't understand why all these veteran guys are on FM. I thought FM was for NEW guys. Or is this a very old scene when one of the guys was new.

h***** - 08/02/2022 3:38:29 PM

Sure, we will see Adam still online as model, but I miss him more as part of the BA Production Crew.

J******* - 08/02/2022 1:44:53 PM

"Newbie" Nils had been shooting with BA for 3 years by the time of "Back To Greece" and had been in "Summer Break", "Summer Loves" and "Jambo Africa" by then. I guess "virginity" CAN be restored! Or, this is actually from "Last Summer in Greece I", shot in 2014.

g******** - 08/02/2022 11:47:11 AM

Adam is a lucky man. Kris, Hoyt and now Nils!!!!

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