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Adam Archuleta & Andre Boleyn

Adam Archuleta and Andre Boleyn grab a camera and sneak into their room to shoot one of their homemade videos for us. The special bond between the two boys has always been obvious and this video provides yet more proof that they are the perfect couple. As soon as Andre takes out Adam’s big cock, everything is headed to just one conclusion. Adam fucks Andre’s ass until Andre shoots his load over his stomach and Adam responds with an amazing cumshot all over his partner's face and body.

Andre Boleyn
Adam Archuleta
J********** - 04/21/2024 3:35:52 AM

Love both these guys. And these hand-held camera scenes CAN be very hot. But, they can also be intrusive. It limits, especially, Adam's wonderfully attentive relationship with his partner, to have him constantly looking at the camera vewer screen to see if he's getting the shot, instead of how his partner is responding.

G********* - 04/17/2024 4:17:40 PM

Two incredibly hot performers totally wasted in a distracting scene that doesn't even show Adam's face when he comes! I'm not even seeing a lot of the stuff described in the other comments.

M****** - 01/07/2024 11:49:35 PM

Legendary pair. Fun to watch despite the distracting camera. I'm so glad this POV content is becoming less of a focus at BA.

M*************** - 12/14/2023 9:09:09 AM

Theres a comment well below might that caughit my eye for the absolute reference two these two historic players in the success of this company yet they are now just "Has Beens" well I guess someone is ready to have that Uber on order as wide have no longer the slightest use for the Bel Ami "Has Beens" Really_

H******* - 08/22/2023 12:07:18 AM

Too much camera fiddling during great action.

p********* - 08/04/2023 9:50:56 PM

Adam is ever my favorite and all sex cene with Him are a delight and give me a hard cock just dream to see one day Adam full bottomed in the middle of a gang bang with hard cock s and beautiful boys there give Him all the joy

r******* - 07/22/2023 9:07:28 AM

This is hardly what I would call freshman, these two have worked for the studio almost 20 years now. This had to be filmed like 10 -15 years ago, and is now just being pulled from the archives. Don't get me wrong it is a good scene, but personally I would like to see new talent on your Freshman site.

t****** - 07/16/2023 11:17:42 AM

not enough just ***** stars for these 2 superstars

s******* - 07/12/2023 3:13:42 AM

Everything Andre, and Everything Adam is always 5-star 5 stars that easily takes me to a stiff, rock-hard "full mast" cock that pulsates with pleasure and explodes a fountain of you know what ;) Erotic, sexy, handsome, professional models/actors :)

j********* - 07/10/2023 4:34:42 PM

ok, let’s start with the bad! The handheld camera is so intrusive. There is still one more camera in the room. Just use 2 cameramen and let the boys hold each other and they can lose themselves in the lovemaking. I’ve always been a massive fan of Andre from his beautiful fawn-like, slender, gorgeous twinky days up til now. The only thing I’ve been missing is Andre as a bottom, because he was so good at it and always seemed to love Jack or Adam in the driving seat! Starting with that big mouthful of Adam’s cock (notice how he knows to leave the head covered with the foreskin), to the firing of cum over his head Andre is the absolute star of this video. I’ve always had a sort of 50/50 relationship with Adam. Gorgeous cock certainly, but a bit too much overdone on the weights (maybe that was making up for the slightly chunky Adam when he first appeared at the studio). There is no doubt that these two like each other a great deal, you can see that in their eyes. And those kisses at the end with Andre’s lovely legs wrapped around Adam’s waist - perfection. Thank you for giving us back Andre as a bottom. 5 massive stars! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

t***** - 07/09/2023 7:17:36 AM

My amazing Andre.

a***** - 07/08/2023 12:52:28 PM

Nice video fantasy between two fucking hot guys…..what is there to complain about? Tell me you never did this or similar stuff when you were young? So many nice spots: Andres legs wrapped around Adam’s waist, the kiss at the end, Adam on the bed jerking to Adre’s bum fingering, and plenty more. Moral of the story is focus on what you don’t like and you’ll miss all the good stuff in life. Well done, I loved this 😻😻😻😻😻

s******* - 07/08/2023 10:42:33 AM

Love both of these guys and I love seeing Andre get fucked. I do have to agree that the handheld camera was annoying most of the time, but still very hot.

l********** - 07/06/2023 8:04:13 PM

Adam and Andre will still look fabulous when they reach their 40ies. Handsome men, great performance, 5 stars!

b********* - 07/04/2023 9:49:11 PM

What's the calculus involved when good and sometimes great models all of a sudden become labeled as "has-beens"? I highly doubt that anyone's personal favorites, be they jocks or blonds or boys next door, will reach that status in that person's view. Beauty is always subjective and rarely consistently assessed: it comes down to PERSONAL preference, and a slew of faults can be overlooked on a favorite that would sink another model's valuation.

p********** - 07/04/2023 7:50:24 PM

Adam and Andre = all-time all-stars! love to all!

j******* - 07/04/2023 7:07:51 PM

Agree please loose the camera ruins the scene

r*********** - 07/04/2023 6:15:50 PM

That camera is so unnecessary - lose it already.

t***** - 07/04/2023 5:24:54 PM

Gotta agree about the camera being a problem, gotta totally disagree with the "has-beens" comment. Andre will never be a "has-been."

s********* - 07/04/2023 4:56:52 PM

IMO - Camera ruins the fantasy and hence the entire scene.

b******** - 07/04/2023 3:43:20 PM

Andre looks forever youthful. He was in the original Kinky Angels, which is going on 10 years now...

B***** - 07/04/2023 3:22:11 PM

I absolutely hate when they use cameras like this! Andre still beautiful.

P****** - 07/04/2023 2:14:25 PM

Two has-beens, and once again that annoying camera.

J******** - 07/04/2023 1:18:26 PM

Adam's doppelte Samenkanone kommt wieder super zur Geltung, bisschen betagtes Video aber geil!

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