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Adam & Niall

Niall is the most experienced of our Freshmen in this special edition. While he’s had four scenes at BelAmiOnline, this is his debut scene at and his partner is Adam Archuleta.

This scene was shot in Prague while our Summer Break production was going on. Niall stopped into the studio on his way to film his scene at the Castello when he was waylaid by a very horny Adam Archuleta.

All three Kinky Angels were tops for this edition and the freshmen get to prove their bottoming skills for the more experienced guys. So, who was the best bottom?  Aiden, Greg or Niall?

Adam Archuleta
Niall Morris
h********* - 08/27/2020 4:04:20 AM

The awful camera work left me fast-forwarding through much. I don’t think I missed much.

i****** - 01/24/2020 5:43:12 AM

Niall is simply wonderful.

a********* - 01/02/2020 3:51:05 PM

Adam is so strong love his body

j***** - 05/15/2019 2:29:37 AM

Another spectacular cum shot by by idol. Adam! I still want to see a cumpilation of Adma's best shots!

V************ - 05/09/2019 10:32:22 PM

Not a fan of home movie scenes regardless of how hot the models are. Because of that I give this scene 3 stars. Otherwise would have easily been 4 stars because it would have been better withtu the distraction of the camera and instead focusing on pleasing each other.

B********* - 05/07/2019 4:59:59 AM

What's with calling these guys "Kinky Angels"? Adam was an original Kinky Angel. In KA 34, he fucked one of the longest, thickest cumshots ever filmed from Jack Harrer. In KA 31, Jack hosed down Claude Sorel's hole with more cum than I have seen shot in life or on film by any guy anytime! NOW ALL 45 EDITIONS OF KA HAVE BEEN DELETED! Some of George's best work--just gone! As for this clip, the camera is indeed a distraction. It makes these guys clearly actors--porn actors. All that's missing is George handing out cash at the end. In porn we want to lose ourselves in the scene--to the point that we ARE that cock being sucked; we ARE that hole being fucked. Personally, I'd be for banning all cameras from all scenes. I'd be for eliminating all "Backstage" episodes too. I'd rather see reruns of great porn scenes than these half-hard "teasers" where no one ever cums. Or has a real job. Or am intrusive mother,. George just generously pays them to hang around and be adolescent? Meanwhile, George's greatest, hottest, best-filmed scenes are buried beneath all this filler! And will be lost!

o********** - 05/05/2019 7:27:03 PM

It will be interesting to see if Mr. Niall will have a one-time porn shoot? He definitely has what it takes to become a porn star.

g******* - 05/02/2019 12:31:34 PM

We don't need Adam's camera when he's fucking. Niall is cute, new and keen to make the grade, why let Adam's camera distract him from the main game?

8********** - 05/01/2019 5:05:28 PM

Amazing Adam! Adam is always welcome! More of him, please!

p******* - 05/01/2019 4:39:24 PM

Adam has never looked better and all his time in the gym has paid off with a sexy physique. But I agree with all the negative comments about the hand held camera which only serves as a distraction and is totally pointless when there obviously is another cameraman filming the scene!!

M********* - 05/01/2019 12:22:05 PM

Both Guys amazing sexy. I agree, that the sexplay without Adams Camera maybe hotter and wilder. But the erotic charisma of the boys works very good. I like the blonde bodyhair of Niall, it turns me on, and the cumshots of Adam are phanomenal.

l********** - 05/01/2019 9:43:33 AM

What makes this Niall a 'freshman' ? "Most experienced" in Prague means exactly what it means...

l******* - 05/01/2019 3:16:33 AM

I agree that Adam should get rid of the camera when fucking. It's too distracting & surely he'd enjoy fucking more without it. I know we'd all enjoy his fucking more without the distraction. That aside, hot fucking scene! Adam looks great & Niall is great, a total natural. Being blond, I'd prefer his ass be smooth rather than the dark blond fuzz on closeups. But I'm sure some completely disagree with me on that. We know, we know, we know. All natural boys blah blah blah...

s******* - 04/30/2019 10:51:46 PM

It is time for Adam to retire. He is ugly and arrogant like hell.

p********* - 04/30/2019 9:18:20 PM

Adam is ever the best for Me ,I like to see him with young boys and Ilike the real cam , hope just to see Adam in the next return as bottom He is so hot and sweet as bottom for sure that mutch one of the new freshmen dream to fuck Him ( wy not in the middle of a gang bang uhmmmm )

m******* - 04/30/2019 7:31:49 PM

not for me sorry

P****** - 04/30/2019 6:54:33 PM

Niall is OK but hardly top-drawer BA. Adam should put the camera away and just fuck the kid. Is there no more money in the budget for cameramen?

r*********** - 04/30/2019 6:05:12 PM

Old-boy Adam fucks young-boy Niall Morris. Is this really where Freshmen has gone? Oldie chats, fondles, dicks sucked, rims, fucks, bottom cuts, top cums (face or asshole) reinserts for a moment. Can’t we stop with these gonzo scenes with these guys concentrating on their hand-held cameras more than on their cocks? Nice hairy ass this Niall.

a********* - 04/30/2019 5:04:59 PM

💙 💚 💛 💜 ❤️

b***** - 04/30/2019 3:07:17 PM

I like this scene. Adam is looking good as ever, Niall is an adequate partner. The sex is very talkative, what I like, and the handheld camera is part of the plotline, so I think it enhances the idea of two guys trying things out. Very playful!

b******* - 04/30/2019 2:57:47 PM

Adam looks great in this scene and proves with no doubt he still has the fountain of youth (cumshot)! Niall is a beautiful young man...5 stars for everything. However....the cam toting performer theme is wearing a little thin now. I prefer to see the models getting on with their scene, rather than trying to get extra shots whilst holding a camcorder. It's becoming a distraction from the action/event.

J****** - 04/30/2019 2:23:44 PM

Adam is also an all-time-favortie for me, who I've always liked to see. But his new bodystyle with more muscels is not my cup of tea. I prefer his former appearance with a combination of a slim and athletic physic. Niall is a sexy and hot new guy - hope to see more of him, also as a top or in a hop FlipFlop scene.

s******* - 04/30/2019 12:15:42 PM

Niall is totally gorgeous!

N******** - 04/30/2019 11:43:32 AM

Poor performance from Adam. Very poor camera work from Adam. I think the two are connected!! Incidentally what is the point of the star rating system ? - Since it is purely culminative and one can't vote negatively, ALL scenes end up with a score of 4.5 - 5 stars in a couple of days - regardless of how good or bad they are!! Oh, silly me, I've just realised what the point of the system is!

o****** - 04/30/2019 9:47:19 AM

That scene could be hot but this horrible camera ruins all! The process is more than used up! Adam let that camera and fuck deeply please! Happily your flying cumshot is great as ever!

c************ - 04/30/2019 9:03:07 AM

adam fuck me

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