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Jacq Broyard

This Jacq Broyard solo comes to us from our BootCamp series. In order to bring the quiet and shy Jacq out of his shell, Kevin departs from his usual interview format and enlists the aid of Adam. While Adam is always eager to help, his aid does come with the risk that he’ll go too far and steal the boy away completely. Once Adam leaves and the solo begins, we see the magic that made us want to work with Jacq. Sensual and dreamy and possessing a taut athletic body, he possesses a unique sex appeal that he loves to show off. 

Jacq Broyard
h********* - 08/12/2020 10:48:18 PM

A truly sexy and lusty young man! No newbie to gay sex, he clearly enjoys showing off his hot body...hard cock, furry ass and crack, hungry hole, and lovely hairy legs and pits. And all that cum, too!

d******* - 04/05/2020 4:55:52 PM

Oh Jac is so gorgeous.. Such nice abs too with big cock, those beautiful dark eyes with lips to kiss and hair to run my fingers through. That sweet smile turns me on along with his lean body. Lets kiss Honey.

V************ - 03/23/2020 5:48:24 PM

Wow! What a seductive beginning! I wanted it to go onto a full sex scene! Wonderful erotic kissing! Jacq is so handsome from top to bottom and I love his natural look and hair style. What a great flying cum shot! Too bad he had his hand over the tip of his dick and it hindered our ability to see the cum flying our of his dick head, at least when he first started cumming. But I give Jacg and this scene 5 stars anyway. I hope we get to see more of Jacq real soon in a very seductive scene like this one.

R************ - 03/19/2020 6:39:56 PM

Jacq è fantastico. Sono sicuro che mi terrà compagnia tante volte nei momenti più turgidi del mio cazzo in questa infinita quarantena!!!

x****** - 03/19/2020 4:53:40 PM

A stunning young man with an inviting body, ass and cock. And he knows how to Kiss, unlike some of the other guys who only peck lips. Too bad Adam didn't stay around and the two have a sexy time together. With Adam's far flying cum shots, along with Jacq"s matching load, it would have been awesome.

g******** - 03/19/2020 6:35:51 AM

It made me so happy to see Jacq shoot an amazing load, I guess I used too!! Such a gorgeous young man and hope to see him again soon. Thanks to Adam for giving him a helping hand, such sensual kissing and truly beautiful

b***** - 03/18/2020 5:31:36 PM

Jacq is beautiful and a very handsome guy. His solo is so very sensual, the two hand technique shows the intensity of his pleasure. He may seem a bit reserved at start but when Adam starts touching him he is responsive to the kissing immediately. I wish more models were like him, oozing sensuality and sexual pleasure (well there is a bunch that is of course buy also a bunch that isn’t). As an interview the episode isn’t very informative but I guess he would not have told us much anyway. It doesn’t matter, he lets his body speak and I love him for that!

s************* - 03/18/2020 7:43:11 AM

Jacq is a very beautiful young man! I enjoyed the whole scene, very much! I thought it was such a “turn on” seeing Adam & Jacq kissing, ever so gently, putting our new model at ease, with about what was to happen. Jacq has a very bright future with BA, IF he wants it...and I hope he DOES!!! : )

w****** - 03/17/2020 10:28:33 PM

If the purpose of this highly unusual interview/solo was to get us to fall in love with Jacq you may well have succeeded. You certainly have with me.

s******* - 03/17/2020 8:59:49 PM

5 stars fron the very beginning the the happy end!

P****** - 03/17/2020 2:00:34 PM

Cute guy and great orgasm with lots of moaning. I'd moan too if I cummed like that. But just too many annoying additional characters. "Solo" means "one," not every tiresome BA has-been.

w******* - 03/17/2020 11:57:04 AM

jacq is droolicious what a beautiful body

p***** - 03/17/2020 11:31:37 AM

Simply delicious. I can"t get enough of Jacq

o****** - 03/17/2020 10:59:56 AM

Stunning solo! Not exactly a true solo at the opening but… nice! Sexy boys brochette at the beginning! Jacq gets a cute face and a ravishing body! A lot of sensuality! Love his sweet body hair! Great far flying cumshot!!! 5*

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