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Troy & Andre

Troy Jennings is skinny, and he wears glasses. Despite this, or perhaps because of this, we find him tender, likeable and endearing. He has filmed three scenes with us. This is the first. Whenever you see a third scene in this position, it is because we’re not sure about the boy. So, your feedback here is especially welcome.

Andre Boleyn
Troy Jennings
x****** - 05/29/2019 4:12:23 AM

Andre can steam up my glasses anytime he wants!!

M****** - 03/04/2019 1:18:49 AM

This is an enjoyable scene. Thanks for offering a non-traditional model. I'm totally on board and love seeing someone different. One request, though -- I have a strong desire to see boys like Troy on top of the beefier models. As you widen the net for models, also consider pushing back against the stereotype that only the older, larger model gets to fuck the younger, more slender model. Daddy likes to get fucked, too!

u******** - 08/23/2018 4:30:18 PM

I like TROY as we resemble each other and we both wear glasses. You can see in the scene that average looking TROY really wants gorgeous ANDRE to fuck his willing hole! ANDRE"S cock really pleased TROY'S hole as he shot a huge jizz load! ANDRE followed with an awesome cum shot of his own!

D******* - 08/18/2018 9:55:00 PM

Wonderful pairing: wild André and tidy, sweet Troy! Congrats.... wonderful scene.

s********** - 03/21/2018 8:17:46 PM

Troy is really hot! I found him to be very sexy. Please give us more!

m********* - 03/18/2018 1:42:09 AM

Who knew fucking joe90 would be so sexy

s********** - 03/04/2018 3:45:04 PM

Troy is sexy. Loved it!

b****** - 03/03/2018 8:59:17 PM

I would pass on Troy, so many other outstanding Freshmen.

g****** - 03/02/2018 4:41:46 PM

Troy? Sure he's skinny, but he knows how to present his hole and he cums a lot! I'd like more of him.

R********* - 03/02/2018 8:24:23 AM

Troy may be a B-star-not for me-but he play much better than many A-stars.He loves real what he do.You can see how he looks to andre,how he enjoys when andre kiss him suck him and howhe radiate when andre comes inside him . That's real gaylove and not" fake love" of some A stars.About Andre one word : HE IS DIVINE like allways.I think it will be the same hot scene if you pair Andre with Taylor Robinson,he loves boys to;

g******* - 03/02/2018 5:56:09 AM

What a cutie Troy is! He relished having Andre's beautiful cock up his ass and he gave a good account of himself with his own cumshot. As ever, Andre showered his young lover. A very satisfying scene and I hope we see a lot more of Troy.

s******* - 03/01/2018 8:49:51 PM

I agree with all the positive comments hereunder about Troy. I like him very much, above all his way to losing himself to his partner, the divine Andre. And I quote bwjant, because I totally agree with him: " I’d rather see someone who is responsive and really into the sex than models that are A-class looking but have poorer performances" : how true it is! .Everything was already told about Andre, and yet every frame of him still looks like a miracle of sexiness and deep humanity: He is the most outstanding example of mixture of sex-drive, technique, sensuality, tenderness and affection in the whole BA's history.

b******* - 02/28/2018 8:33:15 AM

Troy showed great enthusiasm for sex in this video, and that counts for a lot.

t***** - 02/28/2018 7:23:13 AM

My Andre is perfect as ever and the kissing between Andre and Troy was very hot. I'd class our Troy as a slow burner, I think he will get better and better, so line him up on the rosters. More Andre as well please as always, the man is perfect.

t****** - 02/28/2018 12:58:54 AM

Or a young Bill Gates perhaps, nova1989? :P Troy is cute in a marginal sense, nothing extraordinary. Next to the all-star Andre, Troy looks even more wearisome. We’ve recently seen models who are much worse like Hugo, Dean, Pierre etc, if that’s any consolation to Troy.

n******* - 02/27/2018 11:32:49 PM

i just realized that troy is mclovin from superbad

s********** - 02/27/2018 10:10:16 PM

Andre looks so hot and charming in this scene! Troy? No, thanks!

S******* - 02/27/2018 7:46:59 PM

Amazing money shot by Troy! Beautiful ass . Gorgeous hole. He obviously enjoys getting fucked. Much more of this very hot twink.❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

r***** - 02/27/2018 1:21:34 PM

Yes. Troy is a much promising young model. He will be able to develop. Keep him! And Andre coaching him shows us Troy's abilities and skills.. I understand that George hasitated. Troy is out of BA standard. But exactly that makes him so attractive paired with a typical BA model (like Andre). I like his glasses. It makes us believe Troy is a student in highschool, college or university, a book reader, sophisticated and well educated. He looks intelligent and horny. Maybe an illusion. It doesn't matter. One guy with glasses among eighty without glasses makes him a special excitement. And he is young enough. to avoid the impression he is a boring salesman (like Jason with glasses).

p***** - 02/27/2018 1:05:47 PM

I find Troy to be quite attractive albeit a bit subdued. I like his natural body hair, his shapely ass and his passionate kissing. He should ditch his glasses and add just a smidgen more definition to his upper body. I'll be interested to see whether he becomes a bit more demonstrative in future scenes. Andre looks particularly delicious here.

L*********** - 02/27/2018 1:01:40 PM

For to see Troy in it´s first action scene it is everything but bad. I agree with "bwjant" and "otrebor".

s********* - 02/27/2018 12:52:30 PM

I find Troy just delightful and a very enjoyable change-up pitch (not that I don't thoroughly enjoy the 'regular' pitches... :-)

a********* - 02/27/2018 12:20:36 PM

A 💜 N ❤️ D 💛 R 💚 E 💙 and 💜 T ❤️ R 💛 O 💚 Y 💙 both delicious and more....

b***** - 02/27/2018 12:05:16 PM

Andre once again proves why he is the master in training young puppies, as always he is tender, caring, sensual and sweet towards them. He makes them really enjoy the sex and he clearly enjoys having sex with them. I agree with Teejay that it is difficult to tear one's attention away from Andre, but that doesn’t make it impossible to judge Troy and his performance. Troy is different from other newbies, but this makes him interesting. Clearly he is very much into the sex and into Andre, I like his responsiveness towards Andre’s kisses. Andre loves to kiss and not all models have an equal enthusiastic response to that, Troy has. Next to that he is tender, likeable and endearing (dixit Geoffrey), maybe not an A-class model upfront but with the right partner a pleasure to watch. I’d rather see someone who is responsive and really into the sex than models that are A-class looking but have poorer performances.

s******** - 02/27/2018 11:54:39 AM

hypo-ausgeficknet!!! troy is supercute and superfuckable....the scene was TRULY ADORABOLEYN!!!!!

h********** - 02/27/2018 11:54:25 AM

Troy's smile when André's cock penetrates him is something not to miss and yes I like this boy because he seems to really enjoy sex between guys.

o****** - 02/27/2018 11:45:44 AM

Troy is not in the standard of beauty of Belami's boys, yes, and it's a chance for us. Nice to change classic standard sometimes! His charm comes from his peculiar appearance: skinny, pale, black hair, delicious body hair, legs, pits, appealing ass and hole, glasses which suit his personality. He like sex apparently and his smile after good cumming is a delight to watch... Gorgeous Andre enjoys him a lot and takes a great care of him. His cumshot is as usual spectacular! *****

g********* - 02/27/2018 11:20:40 AM

I also find it hard to judge Troy. While I agree that he is tender, likeable and endearing, I am unsure about his potential for the further development he would need to thrive in the face of the fierce competition from his peers. Iconic Andre could not help throwing into even greater relief the huge gap which separates them.

R********* - 02/27/2018 11:00:51 AM

I think Troy did rather well for his first time. Look forward to seeing his next scenes. He appears fresh and unblemished (natural pits, for example) which I find appealing. I'll take a chance on him.

J******** - 02/27/2018 10:37:35 AM

I would have wanted Andre to gush his semen on Troys glasses. It is always funny to see the helpless face once the glasses don't let you see clear for the cum running down on them.

t********* - 02/27/2018 10:24:50 AM

Troy looks better without the glasses and with about 10 lbs more of muscle. Always love Andre though. Andre has such a beautiful face and his cumshot is always one of my favorites because it flies so far, as it did here - going well past Troy's shoulder. A bit awkward getting Troy to cum but, when he did, he shot far. Five stars because of Andre and his three feet cumshots.

m******* - 02/27/2018 10:17:10 AM

unfortunately my opinion of Troy is rather negative, not is in the standard of beauty of Belami's boys, sorry

T***** - 02/27/2018 10:04:08 AM

Hard to judge Troy when it's so difficult to tear one's attention away from lovely Andre, who treats Troy with his customary care and sensitivity.

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