Sex scene

Jean-Luc & Nino

Our 2 favorite Hungarians are back next week in a scene together.  Take a look here at a short preview of the action.

Jean-Luc Bisset
Nino Valens
takeshi - 03/19/2018 1:18:15 AM

Well you can’t go wrong with these two beauties. You don’t have to be mystic meg to predict that this is going to be the highlight of issue #76

JACK121 - 03/18/2018 7:29:30 PM

Splendide admirable Jean Luc et Nino bellissime. Ils sont magnifiques ensembles.

georgep2 - 03/15/2018 11:29:54 PM

So excited about this one!

sinjin123 - 03/14/2018 11:55:16 PM

in their last "spontaneous" scene that was only ORAL Jean-Luc took the initiative by lustily suggesting to Nino that they get away to make love with a deep desirous stare...!!! Nino exudes HEAT and Jean-Luc is lava = together they are the Magyar Inferno

09kiddo - 03/14/2018 1:14:29 AM

Magyar mania! Yes! Two of the more beautiful boys on the site. Scene looks hot too.

mauric53 - 03/13/2018 7:12:11 PM

another open scene? that balls, this bed in bank of river have weary me, i have see very scene in this situation, despite this that is my opinion, Jean-luc and Nino are beautiful and sexy, two of my prefer

bwjant - 03/13/2018 5:25:44 PM

Wonderful pairing! Both Jean-Luc and Nino are stunning beauties, a scene to look forward to!

Lutz8neumann - 03/13/2018 12:55:23 PM

I agree with "Geoffrey27" - and it´s great to have this both sexy guys in a flip-flop-action next week - BRAVO!

otrebor - 03/13/2018 11:53:15 AM

A jewel with two gems!!!

Teejay - 03/13/2018 11:27:17 AM

Yes, lovely boys - and I seem to remember that Nino had a particular thing for Jean-Luc.😉

geoffrey27 - 03/13/2018 10:37:20 AM

Jean-Luc and Nino are a beautiful couple and my two favourite Hungarians too.

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