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First Taste of Colombia

To give you a taste of our “Viva Columbia” series, which will be released in about one month, here is a preview of an appetizer photos from our trip to Columbia.

JBeeman0312 - 10/14/2017 2:31:05 PM

The more I see of Helmut, the happier I am! He is so sexy and so wonderful!!!

jeromut - 10/14/2017 12:54:45 PM

Yay! Jerome and Helmut are my favorite

henry1361 - 10/12/2017 12:49:02 PM

Helmut & Jerome are always a treat! But then, so are the others -- I wish Gino could have been involved.

tonic23 - 10/11/2017 9:18:25 PM

looks great! look forward to Colombian scenes, photos, anecdotes... :)

ifflynn - 10/11/2017 1:11:48 PM

Yes anything with Nils. I'd be happy just watching him shopping.

Sidemoon - 10/11/2017 9:31:33 AM

Anything with Nils in it would look perfect for me, be it Colombia, Mexico, New Orleans or Antartcic. BTW, Nils and Helmut are looking just delicious together, - a gorgeous couple! :))))))))))))

bwjant - 10/10/2017 10:09:07 PM

What a splendid crew in picture #5, Viva Columbia is going to be great!

xlnt2b1 - 10/10/2017 9:38:58 PM

Pic #5 = seventeen sexy studs!! Would be fabulous to see a Colombian orgy with all these guys. :))

geoffrey27 - 10/10/2017 7:14:28 PM

These images really whet the appetite for this new series. My personal favourite is Helmut and Nils in #7.

enberke - 10/10/2017 6:55:26 PM

Seems very promising indeed! Can’t wait :-) Very happy to see that newbie Kirk Gaugain in on this trip. Also glad that there are many other newcomers on this trip. The latin american guy in pic 6 looks very good. I suppose and hope that there are several scenes with colombians and the BA-guys interacting in bed. I also wonder why you chose Colombia. Would be interesting to hear.

InteUtanMinCykel - 10/10/2017 6:52:11 PM

Hoyt is smiling in still photos?! That's almost sensational! Maybe you should promote this series with "Hoyt smiles!", just as they once promoted the movie Ninotchka with "Garbo laughs!" ; )

Lutz8neumann - 10/10/2017 4:57:54 PM

A very beautiful preview, looking forward to more of "Viva Colombia". Middle and South America is a so fantastic area with a lot of different ethnics where can be find a lot of hot guys, too. I´m sure all the guys of the FM-Team being members to visit Colombia will enjoy that at lot.

whitestealth93 - 10/10/2017 1:32:27 PM

Interesting how you picked Columbia? I would like to know why that choice. Looks like it was a good one. I have been many places in the world, but never South America. The only thing that would draw me there is Machu Pichu and the Inca civilization.

takeshi - 10/10/2017 11:09:11 AM

Wonderful images. A great preview. The Colombian (I assume) in image 6 looks fiercely sexy. Colombians are very beautiful people, and they have a sexual flare. To pair hot Colombian guys with the renowned BA boys is a genius idea. Can’t wait to see more of this.

otrebor - 10/10/2017 10:09:27 AM

A joyfull delight! Who is on pic 6? A Wonder!!!

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